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Why solar

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy supply is one of the great challenges of the future . People have to find a better economic ,clean ,renewable energy , this is very important for the future energy demand .At present , solar energy and wind energy etc. green energy are already a fast-growing world market.
    Solar power is both a financially intelligent investment as well as an environmentally conscious one. It provides the following benefits:
Positive Financial Returns
    Many solar power projects are cash-flow positive from day one, based on creative and widely-available financing vehicles
Hedge against Rising Electricity Prices
    Solar electric power is not dependent on the existence, development or maintenance of a fuel delivery infrastructure, nor is it dependent on the cost of fossil fuels
    Renewable Power Generation
    Solar electric power is a 100% renewable energy source. It provides the advantages of other distributed generation systems without dependence on fossil fuels.
    Reliable and Low Maintenance
    With no moving parts, solar generation systems reliably power residential, commercial, public sector and power plant applications
Zero Emissions
    Solar power produces no emissions and no noise. As a result, it can be easily sited in densely populated urban areas on rooftops, parking structures or on the ground.