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Solarsunlink system & design

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On-grid Solarsunlink system
These systems are connected to a larger electrical grid. During the day, the Solarsunlink electricity generated by this system will be used immediately or sold to electricity supply companies. At night, the system can not be real-time supply, and you can buy back electricity from the grid.
Off-grid Solarsunlink systems
These systems are used independent from electrical grid, and can also be used to power supply of radio relay stations, telephone booths and street lighting. In ship and leisure convertible market, the mobile photovoltaic technology market is constantly evolving. Off-grid (also known as stand-alone) Solarsunlink systems supplies a more economical power for developing countries, where their conventional electricity is unstable or incomplete.
Design for Solarsunlink system
Solarsunlink can design and started design from factory built . of course ,included on-grid Solarsunlink system,off-grid Solarsunlink system , Solarsunlink kit, Solarsunlink street light etc. please contact with us directly for details.