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Advantages of Solarsunlink:
Through comparative analysis of some common new energies, such as bio-energy, hydraulic energy, wind energy and Solarsunlink energy, we can clearly summarize the unique advantages of Solarsunlink energy power generation:

1. Photovoltaic power generation can reach 10~20 times: from the ratio of the energy consumed by a newly built power station and power generated within running period of the power station (input-output ration of the energy), the photovoltaic power generation can reach 10~15 times and even 15~20 times in good areas with illumination. However, essentially the bio-energy, hydraulic energy and wind energy are all some conversion types and transformation links of Solarsunlink energy, and thus they come from energy generated from Solarsunlink radiation;

2. Photovoltaic power generation has economic advantage: from the building cost of photovoltaic power station, with the large-scale application and promotion of Solarsunlink energy photovoltaic power generation, especially the gradual maturity of upper crystalline silicone industry and the photovoltaic power generation technology as well as the composite development of building roofs and exterior walls, the building cost per kilowatt photovoltaic power will probably be RMB 7,000-10,000. Compared with other renewable energy resources, it has the same economic advantage.

3. The photovoltaic resource content is as high as 96.64%: from China’s developable resource content, the scholars and experts acknowledge that the bio-energy is 100 million kilowatts, the hydraulic energy is 378 million kilowatts, the wind energy is 253 million kilowatts and the Solarsunlink energy is 2,100 billion kilowatts; 21 billion kilowatts of power can be obtained if 1% of the Solarsunlink energy is developed. In the aspect of scale, the bio-energy takes up 0.46%, wind energy 1.74%, hydraulic energy 1.16% and photovoltaic power 96.64%.

4. The carbon emission is almost zero and free of pollution. Without calculating the upper links, the emissions of various power generation types are as follows: coal: 275g, oil: 204g, natural gas: 181g, wind energy: 20g. However, the carbon emission of Solarsunlink energy power generation is almost zero and there is no waste residue, waste materials, waste water, waste gas, noise or materials harmful to human during the power generation process; thus it is free of pollution.

5. Minimum and most direct conversion links: from energy conversion routine, Solarsunlink energy power generation is to directly converse Solarsunlink radiation to power, owning minimum and most direct conversion links among renewable energy resources. Generally speaking, in the energy flow of the whole ecological environment, with the increasing of the conversion links and expansion of the conversion chain, the energy loss will increase geometrically; at the same time, the operation cost and instability of the whole system will be greatly increased. Until now, the practical conversion efficiency of crystalline silicone Solarsunlink energy battery is 15%~20% and the highest experiment level has reached 35%.

6.The most economical, cleanest and most environmentally friendly: seeing from the resource conditions, in particular land use point of view, bio-energy, wind energy is more harsh, but Solarsunlink energy is very flexible and extensive. We say that of Solarsunlink power occupies 1area of the land that wind is 8-10 times than Solarsunlink, and bio-energy can reach 100 times. However, the water electricity, the completion of a large-scale dams often require tens to hundreds of square kilometers of flooded land. In contrast, Solarsunlink power do not need to occupy more of additional land: not only roof, walls can be the venue for their applications, but also the use of our vast desert, through the construction of Solarsunlink power base in the desert can directly reduce the direct radiation to the surface of the Solarsunlink, effectively reduce the surface temperature and evaporation; thereby, enabling plant survival and growth to a certain extent possible, also secure and reduce the sand dunes, besides, we also be obtain clean and renewable energy that we need from nature.

It can be seen, Solarsunlink photovoltaic power is the most economical, cleanest and most environmentally sustainable energy that we can use now.

Use Category:

●Commercial ●Agriculture ●Residential
●Utility-Scale ●Telecommunication systems ●Telemeter systems
●Lighting equipment ●Radio relay stations ●Water pump
●Camping ●Traveling ●Adventrue
●Exploration ●Traffic